Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

In no particular order, here are our 10 favourite movie hairstyles on the hair blog. I’m sure we’ve missed some so comment below if you have a favourite that isn’t on our list, otherwise enjoy:

Chris Tucker—The Fifth Element: We could’ve chosen 10 hairstyles for the hair gallery from this film alone—Bruce Willis with blonde hair, Milla jovovich with orange hair, to name but a few. However it had to be Chris Tucker’s loofah do!

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

Audrey Tautou—Amelie: I think this look says it all.

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

Franka Potente—Run Lola Run: Hair that looks like a red velvet cupcake, what more could you want?

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

Rie Inō—The Ring: Possibly the perfect hairstyle to have when you’re watching The Ring.

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

Jean Seberg—Breathless: If we had to choose our favourite…

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

Robert De Niro—Taxi Driver: Just ask Ben.

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

Natalie Portman—V for Vendetta: Again, ask Ben.

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

Divine—Pink Flamingos: We have a pink flamingo in the salon, we never want to watch this film again.

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

Annie Potts—Pretty in Pink: Need we say more.

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles

And last but not least… Johnny Depp—Edward Scissor Hands: Have you met Laurent?

Our Ten Greatest Movie Hairstyles


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